When will I get my bill?

Your first bill
We will start to charge you from the day you activate your Pennytel SIM card. Your first bill will be for the monthly recurring charge of your plan.

All subsequent bills will be for the monthly recurring charge, plus any other usage outside your plan inclusion (such as international calls).

Monthly billing cycle
Pennytel services are billed on the same day each month. If you activate on days 1-28, we will bill you on that same date each commencing month. Where your service is activated on days 29-31, we will bill you monthly on the 28th day commencing the following month. If you activate on days 29-31, a pro rata credit will be applied to your account for the days not used.

How to view your bill
We automatically send you an email with your most recent bill. You can easily view current and past bills via your Pennytel Account and Mobile app. You can also choose to have a paper copy mailed to you each month ($2.50 per copy).


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