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Do I need to migrate my mobile service over to Pennytel?

Yes, all MyNetFone Friends & Family mobile services will be migrated to Pennytel.


What if I don’t want my service to be migrated?

You would need to make sure your service is ported out prior to the migration date (29th April 2020).

We strongly recommend that you move your service to Pennytel and try us out before leaving as you will receive the same outstanding coverage and better customer service with Pennytel.


When is the migration going to happen?

On 29th April 2020.


Do I need a new Pennytel SIM card?

No, you can keep using your existing SIM card.


Will there be any service interruptions while my service is migrated to Pennytel?

No, your MyNetFone Friends & Family mobile service should be migrated smoothly over to Pennytel.


Will my current MyNetFone mobile plan inclusions remain the same when migrated to Pennytel?

Yes, they will either remain the same or have better inclusions.


How do I pay Pennytel for my service?

As both MyNetFone and Pennytel are part of MNF Group Limited and both brands use the same billing system, your payment methods will be smoothly transferred to Pennytel. That means you don’t need to do anything.


What if I am interested in other Pennytel mobile plans that is different to the one that I will be migrated to?

Not a problem. Once you have been successfully migrated, you can change to any other standard Pennytel plan.


How do I check my data usage?

You can check your data balance at any time. Login to your Pennytel Account online or via the Mobile app. You will see your balance displayed in a handy circle, with the amount of remaining data shown in the middle. You’ll also see the number of days left in your current billing period, your data quota renews on each new billing period.

What about my bills?

Automatic payments
If you have chosen to pay your bill with a Credit Card or Direct Debit, the amount due on your bills will be debited automatically every month on your due date.

Manual payments
If you have chosen to pay your bill by BPAY or another payment method, you will need to ensure that payment reaches us by the due date shown on your bill.

If your account is overdue or you want to make a one off payment to your account, you can login to your Pennytel Account to do this.


Where can I find historic MyNetFone invoices after the migration?

You would have previously received all your MyNetFone invoices via email. If you cannot find them in your email inbox and wish to retrieve old historical invoices, please call Pennytel Support team on 1300 232 888 during business hours for assistance.


What are the differences between MyNetFone and Pennytel mobile services?

Online Portal & mobile app. Once your service is migrated to Pennytel, you will have access to the Pennytel portal and app, which gives you more control over your service, including, checking your usage on-the-go, purchasing extra data, turning international roaming on/off, managing payment options, etc.

Data top-ups. Previously with MyNetFone, when you have reached your monthly data allowance, your plan would automatically add 1GB top-up at the cost of $8 for up to 5 times per billing period. With Pennytel, the management of data top-ups is fully within your control, you can go to the online portal or mobile app to manually purchase up to 10 x 1GB data top-ups costing $10 each per billing period as and when you need it.

International Roaming. With your MyNetFone mobile service, when travelling overseas, once your daily international roaming pack inclusion is reached, your service would be charged at a pay-as-you-go rate. To avoid bill-shock, Pennytel does not offer pay-as-you-go service after you have reached your daily international roaming pack inclusions, but you can keep using the next daily international roaming pack after the previous daily international roaming pack expires. Each daily international roaming pack expires 24 hours after activation and will be added every 24 hours as long as you continue to use your service overseas. For more information, visit our Roaming page.

Pay-as-you-go-rate. Pennytel PAYG rates differ slightly from MyNetFone PAYG rate, please find more details here.


Would I receive my monthly Pennytel invoices on the same day each month as I previously did with MyNetFone?

If you are migrated to a plan with the same monthly data inclusions, your billing date will stay the same as it was with MyNetFone, and will receive the invoices on the same day as before. This applies to the majority of customers migrating from MyNetFone mobile to Pennytel mobiles. In some cases, if the monthly data inclusion of your plan is changed as a result of migration, your billing date will also change and you will be billed 28th of each month from Pennytel. Our Support team will be assisting you for the pro rata charge so that you will not be double charged with migration.


Whom should I contact if I need any assistance for the migration?

Prior to migration, you can contact MyNetFone Support team on 1300 731 048 Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 8am to 6pm AET. After migration, you can contact Pennytel Support team on 1300 232 888 Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm & Saturday to Sunday 9am to 7pm AET.


Want to make a complaint?

If you wish to complain about the notification or your service, or lodge a dispute, we recommend that you read the Pennytel Complaints Handling Policy, which can be viewed here. You can also contact us on 1300 232 888. If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint or dispute, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) by calling 1800 062 058, visiting their website at, sending a fax to 1800 630 614, or writing to them at PO Box 276, Collins St West, VIC 8007.