Know someone who might love Pennytel?

Earn credits simply by referring your friends and family


Enter your friend's mobile number at checkout

Enter your mobile number

At checkout, your friend must enter your
mobile number to validate the referral.


 Referral Credit for your friend


Referral Credit for your friend

Your friend's Referral Credit will be
applied when they activate their service.


Referral Credit for you 


Referral Credit for you

You will receive your Referral Credit
when your friend has paid their first bill.

Refer your friends and earn credits


Earn $10 every time you refer a friend


Earn referral credits when you refer a friend or family member to Pennytel. That's $10 for every successful referral, and with mobile plans starting from just $10.99/ month and coverage across 98.8% of the Australian population, there's plenty to talk about.


Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many friends can I refer?

You can refer up to 20 friends and family per year.

How do I become eligible to refer?

Simple - all Pennytel customers are eligible to refer.


Can I use a promotional code when I've been referred to Pennytel?

Yes, but you won't receive any Referral Credit when using a promotional code at the same time.

We will still reward the friend who referred you with their Referral Credit as a thanks for spreading the word about Pennytel.

When will I receive my Referral Credit?

If you have referred someone to Pennytel, you will receive your Referral Credit after your friend has signed up and paid their first monthly bill. Your Referral Credit will show on your next bill.

If you have joined Pennytel and were referred by your friend, you'll receive your Referral Credit when you activate your service and it will show on your first bill. Your friend will receive their credit once you have paid that bill.

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