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Roam the world in over 50 countries* with peace of mind for $10/day. We don’t charge sneaky fees, so you can spend more time exploring and less time worrying about extra charges or finding free Wi Fi.


Our $10 Roaming Day Pack includes:

  • Unlimited calls & SMS from 57 countries*
  • 200MB data per day


How it works

The Day Pack lasts for 24 hours and is applied to your service if you:

  • Make or receive a call
  • Send an SMS
  • Use data


After 24 hours, another pack will be added if you do one of the things listed above. Connecting to a local network and receiving an SMS will not trigger a Pack to be added. The Day Pack lasts 24 hours based on AET.


Worried about high Roaming Charges?

If you are travelling for a long time or to a country not supported by our Pack, we recommend buying a local SIM. If you want to avoid roaming charges, make sure you disable roaming on your Account, as well as, Data and Location Services on your phone.


* More information about our Roaming Day Pack




Roam the world in over 50 countries

Want to roam?

Login to your online Account and click the "Roaming" tab to enable roaming.


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